On 5/1/07, Eric Lavigne <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Probably more of a reactionary move than anything.
> >
> > Adobe open sources Flex, and waddaya know?...magically, Microsoft does
> the
> > same with their competitive product a week later.  Flex is licensed
> under
> > MPL, supported on RedHat, Mac, and Solaris already.  What are the
> chances
> > you're gonna see cross platform, multi-platform, or alternative platform
> > development tools for Silverlight?  Ok, maybe the mono people will get
> > something working 6months to a year from now.  Flex works with eclipse
> > today.
> >
> Flex is primarily for building Flash apps, and Flash is still proprietary.
> Microsoft created some new implementations of popular open source
> languages, giving Python and Ruby developers much easier hooks into
> some of the capabilities that MS developed for VBasic and C#. In this
> case, the foundation that they should hold on to and keep proprietary,
> if they were copying Adobe, would be .NET, CLR, and DLR. Silverlight
> is a related technology which is also really neat. They gave away all
> of it.
> Sure, this leaves some work for the Mono developers, but it does not
> leave any artificial hoops for them to jump through. I don't know how
> long it will take, but I do believe it will happen. Where's the catch?
> Okay, I admit it. They didn't open source Windows. Maybe we need to
> start lobbying for that. Perhaps, now that they've switched to Vista,
> they would consider open sourcing XP :-P

I dont think so.

Microsoft did not give away "all of it" .Net and the CLR are proprietary.
And giving away the DLR is a red herring.  It hooks into the CLR.  About the
only thing useful you'll be able to do with it is extend it to allow you to
write ms applications with your own homegrown implementation of

Adobe, however "...plans to release ** all of the components of the Flex SDK
** needed to create Flex applications, including the Java source code for
the ActionScript and MXML compilers, the ActionScript debugger, and the
ActionScript libraries that make up the core Flex framework." (emphasis
mine) ( ).  This
would include, presumably, MXML, and ActionScript itself.  So, Adobe did, in
fact, give away their version of ".NET, CLR, and DLR". (yes i know flex sdk
doesnt have  a dlr, thats not the point)

Silverlight doesn't support Linux and so I dont find it very "neat" at all,
more of an attempt to marginalize Linux by not "officially" supporting it.
Yes, we will have a silverlight plugin on Linux.  I cant wait.  Soon our
internet app support can lag just like Mono!!!!  woop!

And saying that "Flex is primarily for building Flash apps, and Flash is
still proprietary" is irrelevent.  Windows is proprietary, yet somehow
people seem to be able to write open source apps that use Windows for
drawing the screen.

Silverlight: ActiveX for Web 2.0!