I've begun to rationalize having products mailed to me versus gas, time and hassle of going to the store. IMHO

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John Li wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have a nice clickety-clackety keyboard that I'd like to use on my
> laptop. It has a 5-pin AT connector, but I have an AT-to-PS2 converter.
> However, my laptop only has USB ports, so I need a PS2-to-USB converter.
> I've found a few places offering such a converter online, but I would
> feel ridiculous having a half-ounce part shipped to me. Anyone know how
> difficult it'd be to splice this together myself?
> Thanks!
> Nile
Oh, PS2, not "PlayStation 2" (there are some nice USB converters for
that, too.).

The USB protocol is completely different than the simple PS/2
protocol. You would have to order a microcontroller that converts from
PS/2 to the USB protocol, some plugs, and solder the thing together. I
would be surprised if you could build one for less than a hundred bucks.

If you don't want to order it, go find one in a local computer store.

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