Hi Justin,

GatorJUG and GatorLUG are two local user groups that you might enjoy. While not affiliated with UF, they attract many computer enthusiasts and have interesting presentations. You'll find a list of some other groups on the GatorJUG site. FYI: Brion Vibber, CTO of Wikipedia, is giving a presentation at GatorJUG 9/12! Hope this helps.


Mike Levin
On 7/12/07, Justin Fear <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hey all, I am new to the University of Florida and was wondering if
there was any one place that there is a list of services provided by the
university that might be of interest to linux/computer users.   I am
sure there are many resources that go unused just because people don't
know about them.  I did a quick search on OIT's web page and learned
about CIRCA and GROVE accounts, but I am sure there is lots more things
of interest out there.

On a related note does any know if UFL has a site license to O'Reilly's
Safari Books Online?