Hello all,

Curiosity got the better of me, and I slapped the 500 GB drive back in
the machine in question.  Some searches confirmed that I was not the
only person having trouble with Ubuntu's default installation with big
drives and old computers, and a /boot sector at the start of the disk
was mentioned here as well as on various forums.  I could not quite get
the GParted LiveCD to match the instructions in the forums, so I gave up
on it, and used manual partitioning to install Ubuntu over the still
RedHat 8 (?? - I've been fiddling a lot) partitioned and formatted disk.
 I changed /boot from ext3 to ext2 (not sure if that was important, but
ext2 was listed elsewhere), and changed the other mount points to match
Ubuntu's expectations.  / uses ext3.

The system has survived a few cold starts since, so I think/hope it is

I get the sense that Ubuntu does not act well when it sees partitions it
does not understand.


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