I'm reposting this due to a misconfiguration in our DNS. Note that the linked 
site is the same as before only without the leading www.

The Bureau of Economic and Business Research has an OPS internship opportunity 
available for someone with Java programming skills.

BEBR maintains a software project called Egonet that is written in J2EE. 
Egonet is designed to help researchers enumerate and study social networks. 

More details about Egonet can be found at:

We are looking for someone to improve the existing codebase and add some new 
features related to visualizing a social network. You will have a chance to 
interact with and learn from other highly skilled programmers. 

Please contact me if you would like to be considered for the opportunity.

Clinton Collins, Operations Director
Bureau of Economic and Business Research
University of Florida
352.392.0171 x218