To Dan Stoner:

Thanks for that, I logged in as root, and did yum install php-gd. The install process seemed to go perfectly.

What I've been trying to do is get WordPress's default theme to change the background color, so I went in to see if that would happen. It didn't. then I did a phpinfo(); and it came back in the configure box saying "--without-gd"
you can find phpinfo there, although I'm going to remove it eventually b/c that's not so secure. Coming from the Windows world you always have to reboot, so I rebooted the server through a web interface. Still phpinfo says "--without-gd"

On a slightly different topic, I remember you mentioning that I should always get an OS that comes with whatever I want to run natively. I.e. If I want php 5, I should get Ubuntu 7 because it comes with the distro.

says that they have Fedora Core 6 out with php-gd built in, and it's like 3 button clicks for me to upgrade. Would that be something you'd recommend? I mean of course, after I back my s*it up.