> says that they have Fedora Core 6 out with php-gd built in, and it's 
> like 3 button clicks for me to upgrade. Would that be something you'd 
> recommend? I mean of course, after I back my s*it up.

Hmmm... if it is really 3 clicks then it sounds easy.

But based on what you told me about the state of the system (like yum 
not being installed originally or something) and the manual compile and 
installs that you mentioned, I would count on the upgrade failing and 
needing to somehow get a fresh install (and then reloading all of your 
s*it).  It always pays to be prepared for that set of circumstances.

I didn't see your post in time to look at the gdinfo output, but it 
doesn't matter because I'm not familar enough with PHP to reconcile the 
"--without-gd" and the fact that the libraries are installed.

Maybe it is possible to compile GD directly into Apache/PHP, in which 
case you would see "--with-gd".  I'm guessing that most people opt to 
use the libraries so GD could be upgraded without having to recompile 
PHP.  Just guessing, though.

Others on this list might know more.

- Dan