On 8/8/07, Jon Akers <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Jesse Rhoads wrote:
> > Has anyone else had any problems getting Ruby on Rails projects working
> > using fastcgi or fcgi on Redhat 5 + Apache 2?
> > We've seen problems with some projects where the fcgi script won't run
> > or stay running, while others work fine.  A clean install of all
> > components following numerous documentation examples yields failure.
> > The stuff I've seen online says to just use a different web server than
> > Apache (even an article in redhat magazine) but I'd prefer to keep a
> > packaged system such as Apache if possible. Anyone with any insight can
> > contact me offlist.  Thanks!
> > -Jesse
> My question is why you are trying to run any of this stuff on a version
> of an operating system that came out 10 years ago. (No, really... I had
> to look up when Redhat 5 came out.)

Take things literally much?  Try substituting RHEL 5 in there.  ;)
The better question is why is he trying to run it on RHEL...