Thanks Jon! I appreciate the additional info about cmin/mmin, it's 
curious what a change in "status" is but changing the file 
contents is more concrete.

~Mark Oden

On Tue Aug 14 10:08:19 EDT 2007, Jon Lewis <[log in to unmask]> 

> On Tue, 14 Aug 2007, ODEN,MARK THOMAS wrote:
>> I have a daily cron job that tars and gzips hourly logs and 
>> places them in a new directory (/ftp/oldtraces) and deletes logs 
>> older than 24 hours.  I was running the backup script w/o the 
>> daily delete command to test that the backups were going well 
>> and then enabled the delete command.  Unfortunately the delete 
>> command deleted the entire /ftp/traces folder (including the 
>> folder itself) which caused no more logs to be uploaded.  Can 
>> you help me fix this line so it doesn't delete the folder?
>> find /ftp/traces -cmin +1440 -print | xargs rm -rf
> Adding -type f will probably solve it.  That way, find will only 
> return files...not directories.
> find /ftp/traces -cmin +1440 -type f -print | xargs rm -rf
> I also wonder if you really want -cmin or if -mmin would be more 
> appropriate?
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