I haven't heard of such changes.

Generically, to connect to the Internet over the campus standard 
wireless network, you should still have the option to use:

   1.  WIPA authentication page before access
   2.  Campus Cisco VPN Service

The first should work with no modifications to Ubuntu.  This is 
straight-up 802.11b with no encryption.  See the campus wireless FAQ:

The second option works with software available for download (and a 
little extra effort to get the kernel headers packages, etc.).

Where (physically) are you trying to connect?  Perhaps you are not 
actually hitting a campus wireless network Access Point?

  Dan Stoner
  Network Administrator
  Florida Museum of Natural History
  University of Florida

Shelby Powell wrote:
> UF has made it nigh impossible for an incompetant Ubuntu user like 
> myself to connect to the internet. They've upgraded to the "802.1x 
> Industry-Standard Protocol" and they're requiring connections be made 
> with IEEE 802.1x authentication (EAP Type: PEAP).
> How can I set this up on Ubuntu 7.04?