Hi Shelby,

You refer specifically to the actions of UF housing/ DHnet. I know it might
not help you specifically, however, I have included their simplified
connection guide for Win & Mac users in an attachment so that others might
be able to help you. You can also try the trouble shooting line: 392.2161 x
10191 (leave a message as many Windows & Mac people have been having issues
as well). I would also recommend you submit a HAWK request if the system has
been fixed to allow for it.

Also you may want to get in touch with a man at housing named Rob Holland <
[log in to unmask]> as he may be able to help or at least get you in touch
with the right people. When I was in IRHA (Inter-Residence Hall Association)
ages ago he was often present at IRHA meetings and understood that some of
us choose to use Linux and was at least willing to listen to our needs, and
lately I know that he has been part of the volunteer housing staff members
that have gone door to door (on unpaid hours) to help people fix their DHnet

Nicholas Stack
(Former member of TAC and former MAL in IRHA ages ago in the years

On 8/22/07, Shelby Powell <[log in to unmask] > wrote:
> UF has made it nigh impossible for an incompetant Ubuntu user like
> myself to connect to the internet. They've upgraded to the "802.1x
> Industry-Standard Protocol" and they're requiring connections be
> made with IEEE 802.1x authentication (EAP Type: PEAP).
> How can I set this up on Ubuntu 7.04?