Dan Stoner wrote:
> Mauricio Tavares wrote:
>>     How can I configure a linux box, which is being accessed through 
>> a liveCD disk, to stop looking for a lvm volume that does not exist 
>> anymore? Failing that, can I boot the beast in single user mode but 
>> convince it to stop looking for devices and just concentrate on 
>> booting off its boot HD, so I can then unleash some proper lvm-foo on 
>> it?
> You might try a rescue disk (such as the CentOS 4.x Install disk 1, 
> choose "rescue" mode).
> The CentOS disk does not mount any LVMs by default.  This should allow 
> you to view all of the lvms, run the lvm commands, etc.
> And on your second question, are you asking how to boot into single 
> user mode on a Linux box?  This may or may not be useful, as single 
> user mode might not have access to the lvm tools until after the lvm 
> drives have been mounted  (depending on how the box was set up 
> initially).

deja-vu, just read this yesterday...

Using LVM tools in the RHEL-4 rescue environment - RHKB

Give SL a try...