For recycling working computer components, check out Gainesville's "The Dignity Project".  They've been working on computers for the last several years in addition to cars.

On 8/29/07, Jon Lewis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, Paul R. Bennett wrote:

> The County has a Household Hazardous Waste recycling center at the waste
> center off Waldo road.  They do take, and recycle computers, printers,
> electronics, etc there.

That's one way to get rid of stuff, but my coworkers in Orlando tell me
there are places there where you can actually sell scrap steel, copper,
aluminum, even jacketed copper wire.

Does anyone know if Gainesville has such an establishment?  We've been
doing some office cleanup, and I have a bunch of scrap ethernet and phone
cable, as well as some junk computer cases and components...even some high
density cable on large spools.  Since this is all "commercial junk", I
don't think it's appropriate to take it to the household waste dumps.
It'd be great if we could get a few bucks for the scrap rather than pay
the got-junk people to haul it off.

BTW, anyone want an HP LJII.  When last tried (years ago), it worked.
It's as-is though, and free.  You take it away...if it doesn't work, you
dispose of it.  I don't want it back :)  We've got some other stuff we're
going to at least investigate ebaying, but I suspect we'll be either
giving or throwing away in the near future.  In particular Netgear RT311's
and Netopia R910s, some of which have never been opened.

Would the LUG have any use for some plain old power strips, computer power
cords, and ethernet patch cables...perhaps as install-fest gear?

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