I don't need the bluetooth, connecting via my USB cable is fine. I have
it working under windows at the moment, but I would rather not use
windows if I don't have to. I also have an unlimited data plan that my
work pays for. I was looking at the Bary package, but I cant seem to get
it to work. 
Thanks for your help.


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I wanted to get a blackberry for bluetooth dun for my awsome nokia
n800. However after some research it turned out that the blackberry has
disabled dun as a security precaution somehow related to government

So i bought a treo 755p and it has worked perfectly. I can whip out my
n800 and it automatically connects to the treo in my backpack. The
sprint network is ok. I end up paying an extra 40$ ontop of my voice
plan for unlimited data with phone as a modem.
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On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 14:31 -0400, Ryan Wilkerson wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone on the list is using their blackberry with
> linux. More specifically, I want to use it as a tethered modem under
> Ubuntu Feisty.
I don't know if this applies to all models of Blackberry, but the
I had did not have a DUN profile, specifically to prevent pairing.
Actually, it only had the headset profile, not even OBEX. Supposedly
satisfy corporate security concerns.