> On 10/9/07, Matt <[log in to unmask]> wrote: >> Of course, this  
> being the LINUX-L list, I should point out that you're
> >> looking for a linux-solution in a windows-world.
> I'm not too adamant on using Windows. I just need to do a scan or  
> two and so
> I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about it under some of my
> constraints. In fact, I would like to use a Linux solution as the  
> stack is probably faster for this, but the initial set up would be  
> a bit
> more work. What are some Linux-based products?
> I suspect that you can find a live CD that has nmap preinstalled.

Good point. You could just download BackTrack, burn the ISO, boot the  
CD and scan to your heart's content.

As for setup on your own system, the tools are pretty dang simple if  
you've got basic Linux sysadmin experience with installing software.

You'll probably want nmap or unicornscan for scanning the hosts, and  
Nessus for the vulnerability scanning.