I could give those APCs a good home. I have car batteries galore and they would work great with an old APC.

On 2/21/07, Ryan Wilkerson < [log in to unmask]> wrote:
Here is a link to some photos and very brief descriptions of the junk
I'm getting rid of (sorry no rackmount equipment).



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I am having another semi-random free junk sale. I am getting rid of a
bunch of unwanted and outdated computer junk and wanted to give any
scavengers a chance to grab it before it goes off to the dump. I have
some old cases and motherboards, an old server, a SCSI scanner,
you get my drift. I was hoping to save some of this junk for my
bin router contest, but I can't seem to wrap up the last contest. If
are interested, shoot me an email and I can give some better details
maybe snap some photos.


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