Several people indicated that they wanted to see more gatorlug meetings.

I would like to propose an additional Gatorlug meeting, to be held on the fourth Friday of each month. Also, with this additional meeting, I would like to experiment with more participatory meetings, in which we work on projects, teach each other how to use or install various tools, or demonstrate solutions to problems in which other members have expressed an interest. We should end each meeting with a brief discussion about what we want to see in the next meeting. Here are some of the topics that have already been proposed on the previously mentioned thread:

1) whip up a script to calculate the ideal meeting time given a set of available schedules
2) Installing Cedega
3) MythTV (sounds familiar, did we already do this?)

I've added one final post to this thread on the website, asking to move this conversation to the list because there is a lower post delay here.

So, who's interested? Is another meeting time better? What would be a good location? Any additional topic suggestions?

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