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  In defence of Brian's list:

  (a) for non-geeks it's very nice to have a script that just
does the stuff you want.  (And doesn't screw up your system like

  (b) R is a rapidly developing language (you get yelled at on
the help list if you are a few months out of date), and the gutsy
repository is probably a few versions behind. Makes sense for
someone setting up machines for the Statistics department
to include it. The "R core team"
who run are a pretty well established bunch of
computational statisticians -- you don't have
to trust them, but I do.

Eldo Varghese wrote:
> Brian Bartholomew wrote:
>>> Any "must have's" from the repository that don't come with the
>>> standard install? Anything to stay away from?
>> This is what I've been telling people in my department they probably
>> want to do to 7.04 after the base install finishes:
>>> How does the new version compare to 7.04?
>> I'm working on that.
>>                             Brian
> Few criticisms about that page:
> the first shell script adds a few repos that are ok
> and a few that are not ok,
> the repository I have no clue who/what org runs so I
> dont add it unless you trust that person/org, also you dont need
> acroread or R from that repository as gutsy has those two packages
> available from its repos, also imho you dont actually need acroread
> since evince the default pdf reader is more than capable.
> the other three repos you may or maynot need, canonicals commercial
> repository[1] only includes things like opera, vmware etc., the
> mediubuntu[2] repository you may want to add since that includes all the
> media packages that are illegal in the US for you to use with linux.
> the other script you dont need unless you want all of those packages.
> Also re: scripts that install stuff, try to read through the script and
> just install it yourself instead of letting the script do it so that you
> know whats going on and what packages you just installed.
> Now to answer your question:
> I would say go into system->admin->software sources and make sure that
> the universe and multiverse repos are turned on.
> then go into system->admin->synaptic and install
> ubuntu-restricted-extras [3] that includes all kinds of random goodies
> like flash, java, mp3 playback etc.
> for multimedia stuff I would read through this page:
> and
> Dont be afraid to ask other questions in here or in #gatorlug or #ubuntu
> in [4]
> - Eldo
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] apt:ubuntu-restricted-extras
> [4]

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