A couple of questions....

I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 and the other day I got the idea, wouldn't it be great to see what Kubuntu is all about.

So I downloaded it from the Meta Packages. Somehow I managed to mark that I didn't want to switch my desktop environment from gdm to kdm so it's not doing anything, except at the splash screen where it says "kubuntu" and is blue. It also includes a lot of extra KDE stuff that I didn't want, so I uninstalled it via Synaptic. However nothing has changed. I still get the blue load screen when I'm starting quasi-kubuntu, and I still have a dozen or so apps that I see that I don't want (Katapult, Kjobviewer, Kooka, Kpdf). Is there a way that I can do a "restore system state" in the same way it's done in Windows. I would just like to rewind the computer to a couple days before I botched it.

Second Question:

I used to have Windows Vista on a different hard drive, but deleted it. I'm now thinking about putting XP on that hd, or maybe partitioning that bad boy and making it a proprietary pimp. Right now though, when Ubuntu loads it brings me to a screen where I have to choose between a couple of different linux options, and windows vista. the commands to get into vista go like this

root (hd1,0)
save default
make active
map (hd 0) (hd 1)
map (hd 1) (hd 0)
chainloader +1.

Lets say I want to modify this so it just loads straight to linux. What do I do?