okay... okay.... just wait a minute....
I just got home from work and haven't had a chance to read this thread yet--11.5 hour work day! 
I'm so glad it's Friday.  :-)
Take a gander at the footnote in the attached jpg, Fellar.  :-P
Happy Friday,
On 2/23/07, Edward Allcutt <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On Thu, 2007-02-22 at 22:42 -0500, Nong Lavigne wrote:
> Stating the bloody obvious:
> Perhaps the list owners *ahem* (CCC and LINUX-L) could create a default footer:
While that's a fine idea and laudable etc. it has some problems. The
mailing list software has to be clever and understand MIME and not just
append to the message body or the footer won't show up in multi-part
messages. Add pgp to the equation and things get even worse.

Perhaps the ufl listserv is capable of doing the Right Thing, but I kind
of doubt it.
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