On Thursday 01 November 2007 16:34, Burton Windle wrote:
> Is there a server at UF with a public OpenBSD or FreeBSD mirror? I see
> that has several Linux distros, but no *BSD ones.

I don't know of one. I have almost received permission to set one up, but I'm 
still working on it. I used to seed some of the FreeBSD ISO images on 
bittorrent, but when we rebuilt our web server a few months ago I didn't 
install a bittorrent client.

Using a mirror on an Internet2 connected university is probably nearly as fast 
as using one at UF would be. Those connections seem to be largely limited by 
the server speed, rather than bandwidth. I think the following are Internet-2 
connected: = (sometimes slow) = = =

If you need something specific I might already have it downloaded. If so and 
if it will help, I can put it on our web server for you as a temporary 

- Bob