On Tuesday 06 November 2007 04:33 pm, Arthur Sherman wrote:

> The only thing that stops me from saying no, besides the
> mentioned, is that if he wants such a setup, he will eventually get
> it, from other sysadmins. And it probably will be even more spammy
> and bad.

I'm sure, Arthur, that you've seen my reply on one of the other lists 
you've posted this on.

In that thread I pointed out that you've admitted you're a spammer (if 
you design a system for him, then in the mind of most anti-spammers you 
ARE him) and in this thread I notice you admit you're a spammer several 
times (go back and read all your posts).

But let's presume for a moment that you're not; that you're simply a 
nice guy wanting to build him a solution.

Let's look at this analogy:

You meet a guy in a bar who's soliciting to murder his wife.  He's met 
someone who wants to literally do a hatchet job.  Now he approaches 
you, to see if you have a neater solution.

Surely you don't agree that you ought to kill the woman with a single 
bullet, because it's less messy and bad?

Or do you?

And when you're called a murderer, is your excuse that he would have had 
her killed anyway; at least you were willing to do it in a less painful 

He's a spammer.  If you lie in his bed, then you begin to smell like him 
very quickly.

Look for a moment at a small part of Jon Lewis's siglines:

I route
therefore you are

If systems administrators cease to route him into their system, then he 
ceases to exist.  This will happen incredibly quickly.  He may want to 
do it "nicely" and "according to some rules" (I'm not an Israeli 
attorney; I have no idea if he's doing anything legal or not, and 
frankly, I don't care), but ironically, that makes it even easier for 
systems administrators to get his IP#s shut down.  Better for his 
spam-loving customers that they go with spambot vendors.  They'll at 
least get their dreck delivered to some portion of the addresses 
they're paying to mail to.

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