I have discovered, I think, that the call centers that annoy me are
trying to use Asterisk against me.  I am fighting back.  I started
listening to the calls I send to the "Monkey Room".  They are frequently
voice synthesis with Interactive Voice Response systems.  They play you
a silly customized message and want you to press buttons to connect to

DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION:  Why do people hold on the phone line, and
even press buttons, to talk to people who are trying to sell them
something they don't want?

I am experimenting with sending the necessary DTMF sounds to connect to
a person, then dialing their inbound 800 number and connecting them to
each other.  It is beautiful.  They don't understand what is happening
and spend a lot of time calling each other rude morons.  They are right,
they are rude morons.

I was never here.  I did not say this.