The Bureau of Economic and Business Research is hiring for a part time OPS IT 
support person. Our ideal candidate is able to work 20 to 30 hours preferably 
in the late afternoon to early evening hours (1pm-2:30pm to 6:30-7:30pm), 
likes solving puzzles and has creative troubleshooting skills.

A lot of the job will consist of solving end user issues. So, good 
interpersonal skills are a must. But, you will also have an opportunity to 
learn and gain experience in systems administration.

You'll have an opportunity to work with lots of interesting and different 

Multimedia, Advanced Telephony, MS Active Directory, Virtualization, Linux and 
interesting network automation tools.

Some experience in any of these areas is a plus. Reply with an email if you 
are interested.

Clinton Collins, Operations Director
Bureau of Economic and Business Research
University of Florida
352.392.0171 x218