A small correction: I am trying to break my one remaining tie to
Windows.  Squeak is certainly an option that I am considering.  If it
were complete junk, it would be easy to reject; it is not junk.  It will
require a lot of work to get to Dolphin's level.   The UI mailing list
is the home of an effort to clean up Squeak's user interface; the output
to date is very encouraging, enough so that I have started work on some
other areas that need attention, and I am gradually starting to stress
test it by using it for some routine tasks.

You mentioned finding Squeak overwhelming.  Smalltalk has that affect on
people (it is well worth the effort however), and Squeak is (mincing
words) just plain weird in spots.

One place to start is a free book available here:

One of its authors maintains a collection of free Smalltalk books that
can be found from

Among the books he offers, Simon Lewis' is particularly good once you
move beyond the tutorial stage.  The Smalltalk/V tutorial is quite good,
particularly in its handling of control structures and streams and


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