On Wednesday 19 December 2007 14:48, Allen S. Rout wrote:
> It seems a curious myopia to me: On the one side, they are explicitly
> chasing some of the decentralized, disruptive "many-eyes" creative
> work on curricula, but they don't seem to think it will apply to the
> tech layer at all.

So do they (intentionally) give you access to the tools to port what you want 
to it, or do they expect you to develop applications on the virtual system 
and then submit them to the central authority who will distribute them?

> Or maybe Negroponte is the only one who's really deluded himself into
> thinking the central org will retain any vestige of control, and all
> the nerds are just chuckling at his naievite

They'll just make it illegal to hack the thing.

Too bad I can't afford to spend $400 for a $200 overgrown ruggedized PDA. I'd 
love to have one for my car.

- Bob