My little sister is an exchange student in Germany right now, and I set her
up with an account with an e-mail in my family's domain name (i.e.
[log in to unmask]).

She's been getting a lot of spam and was thinking about switching to
Hotmail. I've played with the spam settings that the ISP ( gives
me. The ISP uses Spamassassin, and I  set the threshold to aggressive and it
hasn't helped. In addition, the webmail client has about the same
functionality as UF webmail, not the same as the commercial solutions.

I'm probably going to call up the ISP, they've been very responsive with me,
but I have a few other ideas I'm considering and want to know if anyone else
had anything:

1) Filter the mail through a commercial webmail site like gmail. I found a
place with instructions on how to do it here.
This still wouldn't make the webmail more functional

2) Load Thunderbird on a USB send it to her, and use the bayesan filter
provided there to increase the spam filtering.

3) Do both

Does anyone else have ideas? Ideas of what I should ask my ISP to do to
filter spam?