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I don't think this has come across the list, so I'll post it:

A "One Laptop Per Child" XO machine will be coming to UF this Saturday,
April 14. Dr. Richard Boulanger will be giving a presentation on
"Bringing Csound and Computer Music to the Children of the World on the
$100 Laptop" at noon at the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts'
Black Box Theater. The presentation is part of the Florida
Electroacoustic Music Festival; the event description is copied below.

The OLPC project is an ambitious project to equip the world's children
with a uniquely designed laptop powered by Linux and open source

Info on the festival:
Info on the OLPC:

- From the FEMF Web site:

> A Demonstration of Csound5 Running in Realtime on the *XO* Laptop.
> The OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) computer is an incredibly potent
> learning tool created expressly for the world's poorest children
> living in its most remote environments. Behind the project is the
> notion that children need to learn learning, which is primarily
> acquired through the passion that comes from access, the ability to
> make things, to communicate and to express. On the $100 laptop, what
> they will be using for learing about sound and music is Csound and
> graphical and intuitive musical applications specifically developed
> for the laptop with Csound. In this demonstration, I will show you
> some of these unique Mesh networking, remote-jamming, interactive
> learning, sound-making, sound-exploring, and music-making
> possibilities that Barry Vercoe and I have been developing at OLPC,
> that Barry's students have been developing at MIT, that my students
> have been developing at Berklee, and especially the flagship OLPC
> Music applications - Simon Schampijer's *Memory Game*, and *TamTam*
> developed by Jean Piché and his team
> of programmers at the University of Montreal. You will be amazaed at
> the sound quality and musical capabilities of this machine and you
> will be inspired by the fact that all over the world, the poorest
> children will soon have these resources with which to communicate,
> learn, and grow in understanding and hope. And maybe, just maybe,
> they will grow up wanting to play together and make music rather than
> fight with each other and make war. The OLPC $100 laptop is truly an
> instrument of growth and change - and Csound, as you will see and
> hear, is at the very heart of it!

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