I usually get loads of good help from this list, so here's an 
interesting question...

We've got a client who needs us to select a server for him; he'll buy it 
and we'll colo it for him.

In the past we've had a lot of success with what has now evolved to a 
server with a 3.4GHz Intel D 945 processor.

But one of the people in a local club I belong to is recommending a 
similar server (and similarly priced) with an Intel Coreā„¢2 
Duo E6300 1.86GHz processor.

So here's the question:

The customer is running a standard 32-bit webhosting stack (Apache 1, 
not Apache 2).

Is that likely to be faster than a 3.4GHz D 945 processor in general php 
and/or html driven webhosting?

Or should I go to a faster Dual-Core processor?

If we can go with the 1.8GHz processor will clients know that it's as 
fast as (or faster than) a 3.4GHz D 945?  Or will we have to do some 


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