Greetings All,

You are invited to join us at the next GatorLUG meeting in beautiful 
Gainesville, Florida. 

Virtually Cuban on 13th street runs drink specials for our meeting. Imported 
stuff is $2, domestic stuff is less. Come early and eat some really great 
Cuban food. Meetings are always free and open to the general public.

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GatorLUG Meeting Agenda for September 19, 2007

6:00 - 6:30 Announcements / General Discussion | Free Your PC | OOXML voted down for ISO fast-track | SCO files for 
Chapter 11

6:30 - 7:00: Computer Academy at the Dignity Project | Gene Tysowsky, Dignity 
Project Executive Director

The Dignity Project needs volunteers who have computer skills to help bridge 
the digital divide in our local community. Gene Tysowsky will speak about 
what the Dignity Project is doing and how you can help.

Since its inception in 2003, the Computer Academy has given away more than 700 
computer systems to local non-profits, individuals with disabilities, senior 
citizens and low-income families. The non-profits receiving our computers 
have allowed us to ‘bridge the digital divide’ for more people in our 
community and beyond. The volunteers in this program bring their talents in 
computer repair and instruction to the agency to assist our clients. They 
also take part in developing computer classes for the After School Program. 
Our newest computer service is to provide hands-on tutoring to adults in the 
area that want to learn to use a computer.

More information about the Dignity Project here:

More information about Computer Academy here:

7:00 - 7:50 Presentation - The Implications of OpenID | Simon Wilson (Video 
Replay from a Google Presentation)

OpenID is a way for individuals to create identity online and use it anywhere 
OpenID is supported. OpenID means the elimination of multiple user names and 
passwords and a smoother, more secure, online experience. For businesses, 
this means a lower cost of password or account management, the opportunity 
for easier and higher numbers of new user registrations and the elimination 
of missed transactions because of user frustration with lost and forgotten 

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Clinton Collins, President
GatorLUG, Gainesville, Florida