John - Good friends with the owners of VC and am surprised by your comments. I hope you have discussed your problems with Carlos or Shawn before you make accusation comments to a list.


From: 	John Waaser <[log in to unmask]>
To:	<[log in to unmask]>
Date: 	9/20/2007 6:34 PM
Subject: 	Upcoming install fests

Well, Eldo wants to do the Ubuntu install on 19 October, and I want to do the Mandriva 2008 install on 17 November, but where can we go?

Does anyone know of a good place to do this? I was thinking of a restaurant or coffee house with wireless internet, but it probably would not need that. A computer store that was into open source would be a great location if they have the horizontal space.

Or how about the Coldstone Creamery? I know that they do charitable nights, where the organization gets 25% of the gross as long as they get enough sales, over a one-hour period, but don't know if they would be interested in anything like this.

Does anyone have an in with a place that might like to do this? (I am specifically not interested in doing anything of my own at Virtually Cuban, since that A-hole continually rips me off when I buy food there--a couple of months ago he charged my card over $12 for a $7.29 entree and a $2 beer! And that was far from the first time he did anything like this....)

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