True, but these are laptops designed for children to use at school. The file system should reflect this. Things like internet browsing, for instance, or IM chatting aren't in the file system, and won't be tracked. 

It seems like anything that helps teachers aid/review their students or make a portfolio could be construed as surveillance. After all, what is grading, or portfolios even, but looking over everything a child has done (surveillance) and applying metrics to it? 
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> This doesn't sound like surveillance, more like a portfolio. A way
> for the kids to come home and say "hey mom, look what I did in
> school today!"

The idea of a portfolio is that you self-select a small subset of your
work that's the best, and then advertise yourself with it.

The idea of surveillance is that all your work is available for
inspection all the time, and you have no choice about it.

Allen, have you found anything similar to 'clear private data',
'cookie (journal) manager', 'run this app without journaling', or
multiple journal identities/personalities?