The 2nd Annual Codeslinger Shootout is on!

On March 21, 2007 you are invited to test your fast thinking and
programming skills at the GatorLUG meeting. You could win the coveted
title of "Fastest Codeslinger of 2007", a 4 GB USB Memory stick, and a
cool mug proclaiming your victory. 

Come out and enjoy some great Cuban food and cold beer even if you can't
code. Can't make the meeting? Join us anytime in our IRC channel: #gatorlug

GatorLUG meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month at
Virtually Cuban on 13th Street unless we post a meeting date change. See
this link for more details:

Programming Contest Rules

1. Enter the contest by emailing your name and programming language of
choice to contest <at> You are not limited to using this
language during the contest.
2. Bring your laptop (or borrow one from a friend) with a wireless
connection to the meeting.
3. You may use any programming/scripting language/environment you want.
4. You may not use search engines to look for example code to copy and
paste during the event.
5. You will start up your laptop and programming environment.
6. Your hands will come off the laptop and stay off until the start
signal is given.
7. If you touch the computer before the start signal you will be
8. A general problem with a single correct answer will be presented.
9. You may solve the problem with an algorithm or a simulation.
10. There will be a question and answer period.
11. After the question and answer period, the start signal will be
12. The first person to post their source code and correct answer output
to an internal website set up for the contest wins.
13. A judge will look at the code and output to verify the winner.
14. The decision of the judge will be final, no whining allowed.
15. Hats, boots and leather are optional but good for style points.