On Mon, 2007-04-09 at 11:31 -0400, Mark Oden wrote:
> Using your suggestions I was able to determine that the Windows disk is 
> believed by GRUB to be hd0.  Therefore I took out the "map" commands and 
> used the 4 remaining commands to attempt the boot.  Unfortunately when I 
> choose Windows and hit return it takes me right back to the "Loading 
> Fedora Core in ........ x seconds", i.e. as if GRUB was just coming up.  
> Perhaps now it's an issue with the Windows boot loader?
Ok, I'm assuming you specified the right partition :)

It looks to me as though you have grub installed in the boot sector of
your windows partition. I believe you can fix this by booting using your
windows boot disk and running something like "fdisk /mbr".

I don't have windows machine around to check, so be sure to run
"fdisk /?" first to get a listing of the possible options.

After you've done this, you will probably have to reinstall grub to the
disk's boot sector. You might have to be careful about where Fedora
wants to put grub though.

Good luck,

Edward Allcutt <[log in to unmask]>