On Thu, 2007-07-12 at 11:40 -0400, Allen S. Rout wrote:
> So, if I want to build an ubuntu box with a given laundry list of
> additional packages and such, are there standard ubuntu methods of
> getting it done?
> I'm perfectly capable of running e.g. a pile of cfengine to get the
> work done, but if there are standard methods for it, I want to use
> them.
> I'm envisioning something like a wget package-list | apt-get sort of
> thing.
> Pointers?  Debian prior-art? 
I can give you some Debian prior-art :)

Assuming you have a file of the form:
package1	install
package2	install

Then `get package-list | dpkg --set-selections`

will set the packages you want installed

Then `aptitude -y install` or `apt-get -y dselect-upgrade`
will make it so. aptitude is generally preferred.

This method has the caveat that if you don't specify all the
dependencies of everything you want then aptitude will choose the best
solution it can find. This will usually be a good thing as it allows use
of apt's "auto-installed" feature, however ymmv.

Good luck :)
Edward Allcutt <[log in to unmask]>