On Fri, 2007-02-09 at 02:57 -0500, Nick Stack wrote:
> A friend needs to send her laptop in for warranty repairs and has
> asked me if I could back it up for her as the hard drive might be
> replaced or formatted. I told her that I'd look into the matter. I've
> been attempting to use Partimage and the SystemRescueCd from
> but am having some difficulty with that over a
> network. My major problem seems to be correctly configuring both
> systems to use Partimage. Does anyone know of a good guide for doing
> this sort of thing or have suggestions for alternative tools? Its
> around 60GB of data (120GB total hd size), so I'm trying to avoid
> backing it up to CDs/ DVDs, but that is a possibility. The the data
> needing to be stored is in FAT and ntfs partitions. I'm close to
> recommending an external drive to place the backup on, but I know that
> she would like to avoid that expense. 

Ok, first some assumptions:

You can boot some minimal form of linux on her laptop with standard
linuxy tools available.
You can bring it up on a network such that it can reach the machine you
want to backup to.
Then, if you only need to backup the data (ie. not partition layouts

tar -cz <mount-point-of-data-to-backup> | \
ssh -c blowfish backupmachine 'cat >backups.tar.gz'

and repeat for each partition (change the file name of course)

If you really need partition images, you could substitute

dd if=/dev/<partition file> bs=4K | \
gzip -c9 | \
ssh -c blowfish backupmachine 'cat >backups.img'
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