Come to think of it, there is another possibility. You could just take her old drive out and put it in a 2.5" external USB box, which you can buy quickly and easily for about $12 on the net, including shipment. Hook that up to any old computer with some free space on the hard drive, and back it up that way!

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A friend needs to send her laptop in for warranty repairs and has asked me if I could back it up for her as the hard drive might be replaced or formatted. I told her that I'd look into the matter. I've been attempting to use Partimage and the SystemRescueCd from but am having some difficulty with that over a network. My major problem seems to be correctly configuring both systems to use Partimage. Does anyone know of a good guide for doing this sort of thing or have suggestions for alternative tools? Its around 60GB of data (120GB total hd size), so I'm trying to avoid backing it up to CDs/ DVDs, but that is a possibility. The the data needing to be stored is in FAT and ntfs partitions. I'm close to recommending an external drive to place the backup on, but I know that she would like to avoid that expense.



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