Dear folks,

  I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) on a Dell Inspiron 640m and
am in general very pleased with it.

  However, it seems a little flaky on waking up from suspend.
Sometimes the screen stays turned off -- Alt-Ctrl-Delete (or
holding down the power button) restarts it OK, but that's a nuisance.
Similarly, the network drivers seem to get into an inconsistent
state sometimes when switching from wired (work) to wireless
(home), can't always get them to go.  (/etc/init.d/networking restart
doesn't work to reset when this happens, because it looks like
the system can't find the network interfaces once this happens).
Once (so far) the graphics driver seemed to have gotten messed up and I
was stuck in "plain/no eye candy" mode until I rebooted (not the
worst thing) [the graphics card is Intel, not nVidia, which is
reported to have problems in suspending]

  Some poking around on the net hasn't turned up much
( ).

  I figure I will live with this, but I am curious if anyone
has any tips about what to look for in trying to diagnose/debug/
contribute bug reports ... (a little tough since it's intermittent
and I usually have to reboot when it happens, but maybe there will
be useful info left in the logs somewhere?)

  And a final, stupid question: what would the precise procedure
be for getting onto the UF wireless network?  When I'm in range
I see the "ufw" wireless network, but don't get signed on.  Trying
to open up a browser connection to (which I would expect
me to get a sign-on page?) doesn't work.

    Ben Bolker