I hope you considered my e-mail constructive criticism :-)

  I do admit that we will have to have "junk mail" even after snail-mail
is no longer with us, and that "legitimate junk e-mail" is possible
(although the well has been badly poisoned by spammers).

  I do still wonder about a legitimate database of 1 million people
in a country of 7 million ... one e-mail a week per person? (Although I
suppose I do get grocery circulars in the mail from the same
company every week ...)

    Ben Bolker

Arthur Sherman wrote:
> I posted this question in several lists and, amazingly, I got badly flamed.
> :)
> Many demanded the IP or domain to block, even threatened me to block my own
> mail servers, which never sent a spam.
> Not all though, actually some of gurus were quite understanding...
> Let me clear some points here:
> The services my company provides are legit spam-proof etc hosting services.
> The client turned to us for because of quality he believes we have in
> building mailers, i.e. technical expertise netto.
> Legally, he has the right to do such mailing in Israel.
> His mailing will be in Israel only, and has working Unsubscribe option - we
> are scrupulous about this part.
> His DB was legally bought from legit provider, not us also. I checked the DB
> is legit here.
> His servers will be neither in our data center, nor in our IP range, as he
> builds his own data center, which will host his servers.
> Discussing this in open forum was made in effort to openly discuss the
> business need, and find a solution to make him as least spammer as possible,
> while still allowing him the functonality he seeks.
> Don't you deny the business need for big email volumes?
> He will become a legit "marketing"-mailing service provider in Israel.
> We better start thinking in this direction also, the sooner the better - the
> market demands...
> Thank you
> Arthur