On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 04:43:22PM -0500, Ben Bolker wrote:
>   Any thoughts?  (Please don't say "refuse on principle
> to accept docx files" or "don't collaborate with anyone
> who uses Word")


In my CIS3020 class, one of my programming partners handed me our design
document for a project in docx format. I gaped for a bit, he ran back
home and came back with an rtf and plaintext version.

I know you said gawking wasn't an option, but I do suggest going "Buuuh,
you know no one uses Office 2007, right?" :)

Oh - and I enjoyed the article about you in Florida magazine. It took me
a while to remember where I'd seen the name before. Surprisingly(!!),
it's hard to find the web site of such a uniquely named publication.

Hoping to never see a docx again,

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