>This posting to the another listserve I am on, Professional & 
>Organization Development Network in Higher Education, may be of 
>interest to those following the "algebra" thread.
>The National Numeracy Network is developing an electronic journal (Numeracy)
>focused on the teaching of quantitative reasoning and would like input from
>prospective readers to set policies and procedures for the journal.   Please
>take a few minutes to complete a brief questionnaire on issues that will shape
>the journal.  The questionnaire is found at
>"The National Numeracy Network (NNN) envisions a society in which all
>citizens possess the power and habit of mind to search out quantitative
>information, critique it, reflect upon it, and apply it in their public,
>personal and professional lives."    This vision statement and much related
>material can be found at the NNN website
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Knowledge emerges only through invention and reinvention,  through 
the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry men pursue in 
the world, with the world, and with each other. --Paolo Freire

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