Dear Colleagues,
Attached is a flyer and information for the On Course Conference in March. 
I encourage all of you to consider this opportunity for 
yourself professionally and for your learning assistance programs. 

Tammy Pratt, Director
Assessment and Learning Center
University of Oklahoma
Membership Secretary, NCLCA

Want to learn proven new strategies to increase student retention and 
learning?  Go to the On Course National Conference 

Designed for college educators in all disciplines, the conference offers 
dozens of sessions featuring innovative best practices in student 
success...from immediately usable instructional and counseling strategies 
to campus-wide programs that increase retention and student academic 
success. Learn great new strategies from educators who are changing the 
lives of their students and transforming their colleges into learner-
centered institutions. Do these approaches work?  Yes!  See published data 
at the On Course website: 

Best of all, you won't just hear about how to empower your students to 
become active, responsible learners. You'll experience it! Sessions are 
interactive, designed with active learning in mind: No snoozing through 
this conference! As a volunteer helping to get out the word about the 
conference, Id be happy to answer any questions you have.  Id also 
appreciate it if you would print and post the attached conference flyer, 
and forward this email to other faculty, counselors and student service 
professionals on other college campuses (or a list serv) whod like to see 
student success and retention rates increase.

Register before February 1st, 2007 to receive the registration Early Bird 
Discount and a significantly reduced rate on the hotel room! 
(   This conference is 
offered on March 2-3, 2007, in Dallas, Texas.

There is also a special pre-conference session (March 1st), a one-day 
student success workshop that has limited spaces and is filling very 
quickly.  This workshop will give you a foundation to help you get even 
more from your conference experience and a whole new batch of empowering 
learner-centered strategies to add to your tool box.

To see descriptions of a few example sessions, go to the conference 

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