I am trying to accumulate a list of institutions that have wisely recognized
that algebra is not a necessary requirement for numeracy and solid
quantitative reasoning skills.  

If your general education requirement includes an option of "Mathematics for
Liberal Arts Majors" or some similar title, does NOT have a prerequisite of
algebra, and serves as the terminal math course for non-science majors, I
would appreciate hearing from you.

As a consultant working with colleges and universities to increase student
learning, success, and satisfaction with an expected goal of increasing
retention and graduation rates, it is clear to me--a former professor of
mathematics--that we, in this country, are doing an incredible disservice to
students who will not need algebra (which is simply a tool for more advanced
mathematical study).  It is appalling to me the number of lives we impact
negatively by requiring algebra of liberal arts majors.

Please share success stories at your institutions.  Thank you!

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