Dear Colleague,

We apologize for any duplications of this announcement.

Just a reminder that our next online train-the-tutor trainer course using the
Online eMaster Tutor Trainer's Course is scheduled to take place Friday
February 16th, 2007 and run until March 2nd, 2007.

This 2-Week course will focus on helping trainers train tutors using the 
Online eMaster Tutor Training Course.  It is designed to be done entirely on line 
in conjunction with regular duties and responsibilities assuming 
one hour per 24 hour period for course interaction.  It will also prove 
for all trainers who wish to gain background for completing their own formal
f2f training of campus tutors using The Master Tutor: A Guidebook for More
Effective Tutoring and the pre/post test, The TESAT..

Registration in the upcoming courses will be allocated in the order of 
ation until registration is filled.  A registration fee of $199 for single 
and $179 for two or more registrants is required. Each registant will receive 
copy of The Master Tutor : A Guidebook for More Effective Tutoring and online
course materials prior to the start of instruction. Upon completion, all 
ful registrants will receive a signed copy of The Master Tutor Cerificate of 
Accomplishment for their participation.

Additional information and registration forms can be found at our web site

Kindly forward this notice to all tutor trainers and supervisors since 
site licenses can be shared among all tutoring centers on campus.  Please 
since regular shipping costs are included in registration, late registrants
(5-days prior to course, etc) will be assessed an additional $15 for priority 

overnight shipping. 

Thank you for your interest in effectively training peer and staff tutors 
the research-based and internationally used Master Tutor Model for Training.
Available in English and Spanish, The Master Tutor is currently used by
over 1,000 tutor trainers in colleges, universities, federal (Trio), state, 
community based organizations with each claiming similar results in improv-
ing the effectiveness of tutors.

We urge your participation as a means of standardizing the way tutors are
trained across your institution.  Kindly notify us if we can be of service in
answering your questions.

Peter W. Stevens, President
The Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute
8560 Main Street
Williamsville, New York  14221
(800) 466-2232
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