Dear All,
My college is looking at different models of where Tutorial Services
should be "housed" on campus. Currently we are in the library with no
real space for tutors to meet with students. A new building is being
planned and an idea of a Tutoring/Teaching Center has been suggested.
Does anyone have knowledge of a model where tutoring is housed with the
Education program? The idea being that tutoring is a valuable experience
for Education majors and the CRLA training is applicable to Ed majors
curriculum needs. At my college we have adjuncts tutoring as well as
peer tutors so there would also be the possibility of linking in with
instructor professional development.

Thank you for any help with this.

Julie Shattuck
Program Manager, Tutorial Services
Frederick Community College
7932 Opossumtown Pike
Frederick, MD 21702
(301) 846 2523
Fax: (301) 624 2787
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