I had replied directly to Elizabeth, but then thought others might want 
to know about CRLA's job postings. So below is what I sent to her:


You may also want to consider posting on the College Reading & Learning 
Association (CRLA) website for job postings.  If so, from CRLA's 
welcome/home page go to the link of Job Posting, or go directly to

Good luck.

Elizabeth Dewey wrote:

>Syracuse is a great school-- good salary too
>Elizabeth Dewey
>Teaching/Learning Center, Delta College
>University Center, MI 48710
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>Subject: Associate Director search, tutoring center and pre-first year
>summer program, Syracuse University
>Dear Colleagues: Please consider applying for this position at Syracuse
>University.  Applications are required electronically (see directions
>below).  SU's tutoring center has expanded exponentially, and its
>SummerStart program (pre-college summer program) is one of the finest in
>the nation.   Position Announcement, Syracuse UniversityAssociate
>Director, SummerStart (program for incoming first-year students) and the
>Tutoring & Study Center General Description: Support the operations of
>SummerStart for First-Year Students and the Tutoring and Study Center.
>Administer the residential and staffing component for SummerStart.
>Develop and implement residential student staff training programs for
>the Division.  Develop and implement workshops on academic skill sets
>for students and for academic specialists/consultants; assist with
>on-going operations, including tutor training course, for Tutoring &
>Study Center.  Specific Duties (parentheses with further explanation
>added):1.      Assist with conducting orientations and training for
>generalized and course-specific learning assistance to meet
>objectives/standards for certifications, e.g., national tutor training
>(CRLA) certification.  (Maintain CRLA certification; work towards NADE
>certification.)2.      Develop and implement (learning assistance)
>workshops on academic skill sets for students as needed.  Train and
>support professional and student staff to conduct learning assistance
>workshops (Peer-Led Team Learning, PLTL * similar to SI).3.      Manage
>(assist with quantitative and qualitative) assessment activity related
>to staff/tutor training, including self-study, to meet certification
>standards.4.      Establish and maintain working relationships with the
>University offices pertinent to the residential operations of the summer
>programs and to academic support programs.  5.      Administer the
>selection, training and support of seasonal residential staff for
>Division programs. (SummerStart).6.      Manage the SummerStart
>residential budget in accordance with accepted Division and University
>policy and procedures.7.      Coordinate student enrichment, cultural,
>academic, professional, and social activities and programming for
>Division programs. 8.      Develop and maintain Division training
>programs for student staff.9.      Keep informed of and comply with
>University policies and procedures.  Contribute to program and Division
>publications to reflect the most current policies and procedures.10.
>Assist in preparing for and responding to communications with program
>constituencies.11.   Fulfill program-specific or Division-wide
>assignments as directed by the program or Division, e.g., on-call duty
>during residency programs, committee membership, data analysis, report
>preparation. Requirements: Graduate degree, preferably in an education
>field, e.g., teacher training, or comparable work experience.
>Experience in learning assistance programs, math or science education
>preferred.  Three years in an academic setting.    Knowledge of
>residential operations and staff training/supervision.  Experience
>working with diverse populations.  Excellent interpersonal and writing
>skills.  Salary range: $33,000-50,000. To apply, go to
>  Primary consideration given to applications arriving
>electronically by January 31st.  Position open until filled.    Jane A.
>ACDEA Fellow, 2006 and NADE Certification Chair
>Director, CRLA Certified Tutoring & Study Center
>Syracuse University
>111 Waverly Avenue
>Syracuse NY 13244-2320
>(315) 443-2005
>Fax (315) 443-3976
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