Hello All:


I've just had 6-7 basketball players on academic probation placed into my
developmental level study skills class for this semester.  Last minute but
it's a new AD and his new tough academic policies, which I do support
wholeheartedly.   Not all of the b'ball players are at the developmental
level, although none of them are doing that well and a couple are right on
the edge of being out.  At the moment there is only one actual DEV student
in the class (a 40 yr. old woman reading at the 4th grade level with 6
b'ball players.oy. )  


While I've taught the usual study skills and have a brand-new student
success/fresh.exp. course beginning next fall, I've not really had any
experience with athletes.  Since this is a make or break semester for all of
them (no scholarship next year if grades aren't improved), I would *imagine*
they'd attempt to do their best, but what do I know.  I do know there's been
considerable attention paid lately to athletics and academics, many articles
that I've read, and several publishers have materials and texts out there,
but the class starts next week.


I was hoping that some of you might have advice, suggestions, or ideas that
I might implement that would grab their attention and keep it, and hopefully
make the class worthwhile enough for them to take it seriously.


Any advice?  And thank you all in advance.



Kate Jakobson, Director

Tutoring and Student Success

Kirtland Community College

989.275.5000 x 211


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