The first group of Spring 2007
online workshops for student affairs administrators
will begin the week of February 12th
(  Other
courses will be added in the next week, including, "A
Student Affairs Professional's Guide to Data Reporting
Using SPSS for Windows."  For now, individuals can
register for:

 Basic Supervision: Beginning the Dance
Dates:  February 12 - March 2
Cost:  $130.00
Summary:  This three week short course is geared to
entry-level professionals and will provide
participants with the opportunity to focus on
supervision theory, supervising staffs and
individuals, and working with challenging staff

 Course 2:  The Essence of Student Leadership Working
with Student Leaders in the Residence Halls
Dates:  February 19 - March 9
Cost:  $120.00
Summary:  This three week course will explore many
different facets of leadership and how it applies to
our residence hall students (hall leaders or Resident
Assistants). It will assist you in finding many
different ways to assist student leaders to obtaining
their highest leadership potential. We will discuss
topics such as motivation, interpersonal
relationships, service, civility, character,
connecting to the institution, and connecting to
Residence Hall organizations within the state, region,
and the nation.

 Course 3:  Academic Integrity On Our Campus:  What
To Do?
Dates:   February 19 - March 2
Cost:   $100.00
Summary:   Participants will be provided background
information like that found above.  We will then
address various ways to adjudicate academic integrity
issues properly, and how to go about facilitating
positive and fruitful relationships between students,
faculty and staff on this topic.

 Course 4:  Advising Student Organizations: An
Dates:  February 26 - March 16
Cost:   $120.00
Summary:   This course will explore the intricacies of
the advisor role and assist participants in developing
skills to challenge and support student leaders. After
three weeks, participants will be more prepared to
play a key role in supporting student organizations on
their campuses.

 Course 5:  Parents: Partners in the Education
Process or Obstacles to Overcome?Dates:  February 26 -
March 16
Cost:  $120.00
Summary:  This three-week on-line course will explore
the history of parental involvement. Participants will
examine what messages are given to parents in K-12 and
how that is setting up parent expectations of the
college experience. Participants will review books and
web sites that are targeted at parents of college
students. Discussion will focus on what college
administrators can do to build a partnership with
parents and get to the core of the "help them to help
themselves message" that we are trying to promote.

 Course 6:  Supporting African American Students
Dates:   March 12 - 18 
Cost:  $50.00
Summary:   In this course students will learn about
1)Key factors in the college experience and
development of African American students and
2) Persistence factors, marginality, and coping
strategies related to African American students.

Please share this information with your staff.  For
more information contact Stuart Brown at
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