This year's NCCRA (Northern California College Reading Association) promises to be a fascinating conference, especially for those interested in developmental reading/writing and teaching across the disciplines.
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  The Northern California College Reading Association 
  Annual Meeting & Conference.
  Friday, March 16, 2007
  at American River College, Sacramento.
    The NCCRA is a small but dedicated group of reading instructors who gather yearly for the opportunity to learn more about the field of reading instruction from peers. We welcome you and your participation.

  Look for your invitation and registration
  materials by January 2007.
                                                                                                             “Reading Beyond Words” 

  Annual Meeting and Conference
  American River College, Sacramento, CA
  Friday, March 16, 2007
  Conference Program Outline
        8:00 to 9:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast
        9:00 to 9:15 Welcome Address
         9:15 to 10:00      Keynote Speakers:
                 Rick Stepp-Bolling and Lori A. Walker
                 Brain-Based Learning Theory and the Art of Teaching
  Laurie and Rick will describe and model the Mt. San Antonio College Developmental Education Faculty Certification program, which establishes a practical and supportive brain-based educational foundation for the adult learner.
       10:10 to 10:30      LRC Small Group Tours
       10:30 to 11:15      Session I:
  1.       Reading Program Overview - Judy Roller
  Learn how the once small ARC Reading Department became one of the largest Reading Departments in the state!
  2.       RAD—Reading Across the Disciplines - Panel of RAD Staff
  RAD is a supportive academic program that works to enhance student success in particular courses across the disciplines.
  3.       Reading Center Overview - Nancy Bertoglio and Pauline Fountain
  The coordinators of the Reading Center will present an overview including the new facility, curriculum, operations and procedures of the open-entry, open exit individualized program.
  4.       SSPIRES - Pauline Fountain and Jane Watson
  The presenters will give insight into this new course, which integrates reading, writing and study skills for the at-risk developmental student.
  5.       Pre-Algebra/Reading Connection - Andrew Halseth and Cynthia Youngs
  The presenters will discuss how they’ve designed a linked reading and pre-algebra class for an integrated approach to reading and math.
  6.       English Education 320 Service Learning—Tutoring Elementary Students in Reading - Julie Klier
  This teacher preparation program allows students to learn and practice basic methods of tutoring reading and writing to below grade level elementary school children.
  7.      Hands on Workshop – Rick Stepp-Bolling and Lori A. Walker
  Workshop will focus on brain-based activities for use in your classrooms tomorrow.
       11:30 to 12:15      Session II: (Same as Session I, except #5 which is):
                 5.   Reading and Writing Your Life – Kathy Rodgers and Cynthia Youngs
  The session will focus on linked reading and writing class that integrates reading strategies with writing skills.   
      12:30 to 1:30 Lunch
      1:30 to 2:00 NCCRA Business Meeting
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  Phone:  _________________________    Email:      _____________________________________
  Mailing Address:     ______________________________________
  Please Check One Below:

            $ 35- NCCRA dues only

            $ 50- NCCRA dues and Conference

Please detach and return registration form with a check made payable to NCCRA on or before February 23, 2007. Mail to: Jane Watson at American River College/ 4700 College Oak Drive/ Sacramento, CA 95841. You will receive a confirmation in the mail, along with an updated program, parking information, and a map to the conference. Receipts will be available at the conference.

  Lucia K. Lachmayr
English and Reading Instructor
  Skyline College
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