Hi all,
I have a question for those of you who have successfully completed the
application packet for Learning Center Leadership Certification (I have
called the number of the contact person several times but can't seem to
get through).

Under level 4 criteria, what is the difference between tab D (development
of a professional development plan for yourself and you students) and tab
G,H,I (assessment of professional development plan for self and staff
members including creation of a strategic plan for professional
development)? Would these be essentially the same thing?

Also, what is the difference between tab E (giving 4 or more conference
presentations) and tab G,H, I (giving at least 2 presentations as a
featured speaker at the national level). Would the same presentations
count in both places if all were at national conferences?

Any clarification you can give me would be great!

"To do things for students that they can do for themselves is not
generosity but impatience." (Mina Shaughnessy)

Dr. Diana C. Bell
Academic Resource Center Director
136 Madison Hall
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Huntsville, AL  35899

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